EPKSS is an Information Technology Business Solutions provider that was founded in the 2005 in Jordan by a group of people, who set a vision and followed it through with high levels of determination and inspiration.
During the last six nine years, Epkss helped over 200 businesses plan, create, improve and maintain their web presence and Epkss has evolved into client-oriented technological services business. We focus on providing the best service and product solutions to our clients by analyzing the market, their business and customizing our services for each client.
We believe that all businesses should have a virtual presence, which boosts a business's bottom-line instead of dragging that line into the red. We've identified four key factors in a business's website failure. These keys include consultation, resources and technology available, lack of maintenance, and staff knowledgeability. Our mission is to provide all four of these critical aspects with our services. Our mission is to give businesses the best in technological services to empower the business to thrive in the 21st century.

Pillars of Success:

  • Accountability
  • Technology
  • Solutions
  • Embedded Quality Control
  • Extensive Experience
  • Competitive Pricing

Clients Testimonials

Competitive Advantages

Shining among our competitors in the Arabic and Gulf region, EPKSS offers its clients a winning formula: customized solutions at competitive prices delivered by our professional team on time, to reach our clients’ up most satisfaction. We always care about every detail; therefore, you will find EPKSS touch is uniquely personal.