Apps Development

by our subsidiary  Kastanah for smart phone apps witch is  fastest growing mobility and solutions company.

We deliver solutions to global customers with a mature delivery model that are ahead of its times and exceed their expectations.Being one of the very early starters in mobile applications, our key focus is around enterprise mobility and we offer a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals including education, hospitality, entertainment, media, travel and healthcare. We are bridging the huge gap between the web and the mobile by providing mobile app development, mobile website and mobile testing services to our clients.

Why Choose Kastanah?

  • 1Experience of work:, Since Kastanah belonging to Epkss Group companes our experience of work in analysis, designing and creation of projects more than 7 years.
  • 2High quality level of knowledge and skills: , Creation mobile projects with using web, iOS, Android technology is the core field of our activity. The main goal is creating high quality product in optimal terms.
  • 3The universal approach: , Each project, which was created for our customers, has next stages: analysis, design and creation, develop, testing and debugging. That’s why we can do guarantee of quality and success of your product.
  • 4Creative: , Design and usability is one of important criteria of our work. We understand that product, which we created for you have to be competent and unique. Our design and creative helps you to take in the lead positions in your market.

Kastanah Team

Our development team is comprised of leading thought leaders and implementors of the IOS and IT developer industry. Our team can built bespoke applications for IOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Blackberry devices starting from first drafts to launch on the mobile markets.