EPKSS launches its new responsive website

We are proud to announce that we finally launched our new responsive website with new features galore, which enriches the online products and services shopping experience by delivering full content and functionality across all devices.

Our goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate for users, and it's easier than ever for clients to buy services and products for their website and web design needs online.

Over the past nine years, the illustrious EPKSS has helped site owners and companies in terms of private and public ectors with website development as well as improving and maintaining their web presence. With its new website, this long-trusted company ensures that its services are consistently user-friendly and provide the ultimate in convenience.

Mr. Zakaria Alakhras the business development manager at EPKSS says , our company now accept online payments and customers can now pay via all major credit cards or with a personal or corporate Paypal account. Since we accepts payments via Paypal, that empowers customers to pay with a personal checking account, a business checking account, debit cards with a credit card logo, and all major credit cards. This helps streamline the payments so that clients receive services in an even more timely, professional fashion.

Another draw for this new, stellar website is the TallaPress products that are available. Tallapress is a custom ASP.NET MVC web-based solution for magazines, newspapers, and other publications. As the new CMS, potential clients can use the free demo provided by EPKSS.