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Enterprise Mobile Apps


EPKSS offers enterprise mobile application development to help companies streamline their workflows, increase employee productivity, enhance customer experience and ensure convenient and quick user access to the corporate knowledge base. We develop enterprise mobile apps securely integrated and synchronized with existing corporate databases, applications, and systems.

Relying on the mobile development experience, EPKSS brings any of these strategies to life and helps enterprises go mobile and become more operationally responsive


Epkss designs and builds custom enterprise mobile applications from the ground up implementing enterprise requirements and unique company-related functionality. We offer enterprise mobile app development across devices and platforms, with secure application integration with any type of corporate systems.

We extend the reach of the existing corporate products, transforming web and desktop enterprise solutions to fit mobility requirements while keeping required functionality. EPKSS team doesn’t simply port existing applications to mobile, we adapt the functionality and UX to create a well thought-out enterprise mobile app.
Epkss helps upgrade and optimize legacy enterprise mobile applications, solve application performance and usability issues, ensure smooth operation, migrate to new platforms, implement up-to-date functionality, and create greater user experience to keep up with the developing technology environment.


Epkss provides mobile management services to control corporate and privately owned mobile devices, ensure encrypted data transfer between devices and enterprise systems, maintain and manage mobile apps. We deliver a set of solutions intended to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and corporate data on mobile devices, in line with BYOD security policies.
Mobile device management

  • Network access control
  • Device-wide encryption
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Single management console
  • Automated compliance
Mobile application management

  • Enterprise apps catalogs
  • Role-based user access
  • App lifecycle management
  • Automated configuration
  • Application monitoring
Mobile device management

  • Network access control
  • Device-wide encryption
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Single management console
  • Automated compliance


With a solid grasp of a range of technologies, EPKSS delivers extended functionality capabilities to mobilize B2B, B2C or B2E enterprise processes, be they corporate services or customer transactions.

User Experience Design

EPKSS creates mobile applications synced with wearables and sensors empowering corporate users to manage remote employees, monitor enterprise and consumer data, get real-time insights, and deliver context-based content. Epkss implements full-stack IoT network infrastructure, from designing and prototyping with IoT boards and platforms to engineering custom integration scenarios.

Image analysis

We create enterprise mobile applications that use smartphone camera to detect and analyze real-world objects. From barcode scanning and quick OCR of paper documents to complex medical image analysis and industrial quality inspection systems, Epkss turns devices of your employees into powerful equipment with state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities.

 Augmented and virtual reality

We employ augmented and virtual reality technology combined with the knowledge of characteristics of device processors, displays, sensors and cameras to develop interactive and engaging applications across enterprises of various industries. Whether it is an educational solution for employees and customers, product demo, location or recognition-based augmentation of real-world scenes, 3D imaging visualization, EPKSS creates engaging experiences for different degree of user immersion. Our services span UI/UX design, scene rendering, engineering of environment recognition and location-based algorithms, as well as hardware integration.


EPKSS offers enterprise mobile application development of any scale and complexity for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Along with native development to assure coverage of all target audience and quick market delivery, we develop hybrid and cross-platform enterprise apps with high performance, rich functionality and close-to-native user experience.

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